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Exclusive Interview: Meet Montana Synth Rockers, Wrinkles

We chat William Faulkner and parkour.

By Mack Caldwell

Car rides are tough...mine used to involve my dad blasting a Smash Mouth CD and my Game Boy Color running out of battery. But when Wrinkles—Jon Cardiello, Sanders Smith, Thomas Elsen, Markle Quinn, and Broderick Montgomery—go out on the road, everything from cat-filled nightmares to playing badminton at gas stations can be expected. The Montana natives have spent the last four years between work and long road trips carefully brewing their debut album Separation Anxiety which is out now! Featuring bouncy alt-pop songs like “Father J” and “Dinosaurs”, Wrinkles showcase their youthful energy in parkour videos, Hawaiian shirts, and colorful live shows.