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Jeffrey Gray Somers (Steep Leans) Talks Boston DIY, His Favorite Snack On Tour, And Playing With Wavves

Check out their record 'Grips on Heat' and buy tickets for their tour!

By Mack Caldwell

Grips on Heat by Steep Leans—the solo project of Boston-bred, Philadelphia based, singer-songwriter Jeffrey Gray Somers—was an album that made me want to drop my dreams on the bedroom floor and drive out into the unknown on an existential expedition. “And now alone at sea you see that big black truth all around/ And there’s an eye in the sky/ It won’t blink it won’t stop staring you down”. “Em” sounds like an introspective crisis while lying on a floor in the sagging eyes of a morning.

Comfort sought in isolation and the insecurities of plunging into new terrain are expressed perfectly in Somers’ addictively visual lyrics. His drowning and sighing guitars are like shower-heads that rinse off self-doubt and miss-direction. They are a band that fits perfectly within Philadelphia’s music scene, a culture that has been born in a vibrant flood of fluorescent-lit house shows. We talked with Somers about Boston, Philadelphia, gas station hummus, and his recent tour with Wavves and Twin Peaks. Track Steep Leans below and catch them on their summer tour!