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Review: Disclosure Brings Distinct Energy, Surrealism To Wild Life Fest At Forest Hills Stadium

This set (feat. a song debut) made our night.

By Mack Caldwell

While big yellow stage lights flooded out into Forest Hills Stadium, Howard Lawrence took a brief pause during Disclosure’s set. “There’s a lot of dark sh*t happening out there in the world today…...but it’s great that we can come together to have a good time.” The young and energetic audience was composed in a mesh of collared shirts, patriotic tank tops, and even an ecstatic man screaming “ole ole” while draped in an Irish flag. A couple next to me locked eyes as the lyrics “If we’re falling in love, we’re falling in love” pounded through the stacked subwoofers and rippled out all the way up into the stands.

The lights got brighter and the giant LED screen, the size of a two story building, became crisp and vivid. Visuals burned in a red flare as “When a fire starts to burn, right, and it starts to spread” sparked through the crowd. The whole stadium ignited in dancing and stomping. The power DJ duo of Howard and Guy Lawrence that make up Disclosure, are known for collaborating and performing with a plethora of superstar talents ranging from Lorde (who appears in “Magnets”) to Sam Smith (who does vocals on “Match”). Tonight was no different as they introduced the soulful Brendan Reilly—who appeared on their second album, Caracal, which dropped last year—to the crowd and invited him out onstage. It was impossible not to sway along with his smooth, fluid, vocals as the "Moving Mountains" collaborator belted out the lyrics “it feels like I’m moving mountains, it feels like I’m moving mountains…”

When this group's energy and stimulated rhythm took hold, the day (which had begun as an exhausting yet fulfilling sun-soaked music fest) turned into a night of clasping hands forming a vibrant, binding ocean. I walked out and followed the sea of people that flowed from the stadium, signs guided us to the Forest Hills LIRR route. In the rustle and rumble of the train screeching over tracks, two sweat-drenched fans recognized each other and held their wristbands up, both having been among the awakening, surreal energy of Disclosure.